BIBLIOGRAPHY of published TEXTS relating to BASS STRAIT to 1850

Below listed alphabetically by author’s surname, with, eventually, page numbers referring to Bass Strait content:


Marnie Bassett, The Hentys: An Australian Colonial Tapestry. London, Oxford University Press, 1954.

Charles Bateson, The Convict Ships, 1787-1868. [Orig. 1959] Sydney, A. H. and A. W. Reed, 1974.

Charles Begg and Neil C. Begg, Dusky Bay. Christchurch, Whitcomb and Tombs Ltd., 1966.

Begg, A. Charles (Alexander Charles) The world of John Boultbee : including an account of sealing in Australia and New Zealand / A. Charles Begg and Neil C. Begg. Christchurch : Whitcoulls, 1979.

George F. Bergman, `Solomon Levey in Sydney’, Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society, Vol. 49, Part 6, 1963., pp. 401-422.

George. F. Bergman, `Solomon Levey: From Convict to Merchant Prince, Part II: The Foundation of Western Australia’, Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society, Vol 54, Part 1, 1968., pp. 22-44.

George F. Bergman, `Esther Johnston, The Lieutenant Governor’s Wife: The Amazing Story of a  Jewish Convict Girl’, Australian Jewish Historical Society, September 1966; Reprinted in Journal of the Fellowship of the First Fleeters, Vol. 2, No. 1, September, 1971.

G. J. F. Bergman and J. S. Levi, Australian Genesis: Jewish Convicts and Settlers. Adelaide, Rigby, 1974.

G. J. F. Bergman, ‘Solomon Levey in Sydney’, Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society, Vol. 49, Part 6, 1963., pp. 401-422.

Ian Berryman, `Solomon Levey, Thomas Peel, and the Founding of the Swan River Colony’, Journal of the Australian Jewish Historical Society, Volume 10, Part 6, 1989., pp. 463-475.

Ian Berryman, `Solomon Levey: Business Entrepreneur’, pp. 63-75 in W. D. Rubinstein, (Ed.), Jews in the Sixth Continent. Sydney, Allen and Unwin, 1987.

G. Bhagat, ‘Americans and American Trade in India, 1784-1814’, The American Neptune, Vol. 46, No. 1, 1986., pp. 6-15.

George Blake, Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, 1760-1966. London. Printed by Lloyd’s Register of Shipping. nd? [1960?]

Boultbee, John, 1799-1854. Journal of a rambler : the journal of John Boultbee / edited by June Starke. Auckland ; Melbourne : Oxford University Press, 1986

S. J. Butlin, ‘The dollar system in New South Wales and Tasmania, 1822-1842’, Historical Studies, Australia and New Zealand, Vol. 1, No. 4, October 1941., pp. 245-271.

S. J. Butlin, ‘Charles Swanston and the Derwent Bank’, Historical Studies, Australia and New Zealand, Vol. 2, No. 7, May 1943., pp. 161-185.

Dan Byrnes, ‘Outlooks for the English South Whale Fishery, 1782-1800, and the “great Botany Bay debate”‘, The Great Circle, Vol. 10, No. 2, October 1988., pp. 79-102.

Dan Byrnes, ‘The Blackheath Connection: London Local History and the Settlement at New South Wales, 1786-1806’, The Push, A Journal of Early Australian Social History, No. 28, 1990., pp. 50-98.

Dan Byrnes website:

J. M. R. Cameron, Ambition’s Fire: The Agricultural Colonization of Pre-Convict Western Australia. Nedlands, Western Australia, University of Western Australia Press, 1981.

J. M. R. Cameron, ‘Traders, government officials and the occupation of Melville Island in 1824’,  The Great Circle, Vol. 7, No. 2, October 1985., pp. 88-99.

Cameron, Patsy.  2011,  Grease and ochre : the blending of two cultures at the colonial sea frontier / Patsy Cameron  Fullers Bookshop, Launceston, Tas

Chamberlain, Susan, Sealing, whaling & early settlement of Victoria : an annotated bibliography of historical sources , [Melbourne?] : Dept. of Conservation and Environment, 1990.

Tan Chung, ‘The Britain-China-India trade triangle, 1771-1840’, The Indian Economic and Social History Review, Vol. 11, No. 4, December 1974., pp. 411-431.

L. G. Churchward, ‘Notes on American whaling activities in Australian waters, 1800-1850’,  Australian Historical Studies, Vol. 4, No. 13, 1949., pp. 59-63.

L. G. Churchward, Australia and America, 1788-1972: An Alternative History. Sydney, Alternative Publishing Co-Op Ltd., 1979.

B. M. H. Clark, ‘The Origins of the Convicts transported to Eastern Australia, 1787-1852’, Historical Studies, Australiana and New Zealand, Vol. 7, Parts 1 and 2, November 1955-May 1957., Part 1, pp. 121-135, Part 2, pp. 314-327.

Austin Coates, Macao and the British, 1637-1842: Prelude to Hong Kong. Hong Kong, Oxford University Press, 1988.

Phillip M. Cowburn, ‘The British naval officer and the Australian colonies: an aspect of nineteenth century colonial history’, Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society, Vol. 54, Part 1, March 1968., pp. 2-21.

Cumpston, J. S., First visitors to Bass Strait, Canberra, Roebuck Society, 1973.

John S. Cumpston, Shipping Arrivals and Departures, Sydney, 1788-1825. Canberra, Roebuck, 1963-1964.

John Crosse, ‘John Willis and Sons, shipowners, 1830-1899’, The Mariner’s Mirror, Vol. 58, 1972., pp. 397-402.

Ann Currie, ‘Henleys of Wapping, a London Shipowning Family, 1770-1830’, Greenwich, London, National Maritime Museum Maritime Monographs and Reports, No. 62, 1988.

W. J. Dakin, Whalemen Adventurers in Southern Waters. Sydney, Angus and Robertson, 1977. [Angus and Robertson Non-Fiction Classics Edition]

Noel Deerr, The History of Sugar. Two Vols. London, Chapman and Hall, 1949-1950.

A.T. Dowd and Averil Fink, ‘Harlequin of the Hunter, “Major” James Mudie of Castle Forbes’,  Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society, Vol. 54, Part 4, 1968., pp. 368-386; Vol. 55, Part 6, 1955., pp. 83-110.

Foster Dulles, The Old China Trade. London, Macdonald and Jane’s, 1974.

Thomas Dunbabin, ‘William Raven RN and his Britannia, 1792-95’, The Mariner’s Mirror, Vol. 46, No. 4, November 1960., pp. 297-303.

Russell Dunn, Codd, the man and the bottle, [Whittlesea, Vic. : Russell and Jane Dunn, c1987].

Ell, Sarah, There she blows : sealing & whaling days in New Zealand, Auckland, N.Z. : Bush Press, 1995.

Fysh, Hudson,  1973  Henry Reed : Van Diemen’s Land pioneer / by his grandson Hudson Fysh Cat & Fiddle Press, Hobart, pp. 20-43

Grady, Don, Sealers & whalers in New Zealand waters, Auckland [N.Z.] : Reed Methuen, 1986.

Michael Greenberg, British Trade and the Opening of China, 1800-1842. Cambridge University Press, 1951.

Gordon Greenwood, ‘The contact of American whalers, sealers and adventurers with the New South Wales settlement’, Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society, Vol. 29, Part 3, 1944., pp. 133-156.

D. R. Hainsworth, `The New South Wales shipping interest, 1800-1821′, Australian Economic History Review, Vol. 8, No. 1, February, 1968., pp. 17-30.

D. R. Hainsworth, `Exploiting the Pacific frontier: the New South Wales sealing industry, 1800-1821′, Journal of Pacific History, Vol. 2, 1967., pp. 59-75.

D. R. Hainsworth, In search of a staple: the Sydney sandalwood trade, 1804-1809′, Bulletin of the Business Archives Council of Australia. Vol. 5, No. 1, February, 1965., pp. 1-20.

D. R. Hainsworth, ‘The New South Wales shipping interest, 1800-1821: a study in colonial entrepreneurship’, Australian Economic History Review, Vol. 8, No. 1, 1968., pp. 17-30.

D. R. Hainsworth, The Sydney Traders: Simeon Lord and his Contemporaries, 1788-1821. Melbourne, Melbourne University Press, 1972.

D.R. Hainsworth, Builders and Adventurers: The Traders and the Emergence of the Colony, 1788-1821. Melbourne, Cassell, 1968.

Hart, Ian B. Pesca : the history of Compania Argentina de Pesca Sociedad Anónima of Buenos Aires : an account of the pioneer modern whaling and sealing company in the Antarctic; foreword by the Honourable Alexandra Shackleton.
Salcombe, Devon : Aidan Ellis, c2001, 2002.

N. Horwood, ‘James Birnie’, Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society, Vol. 59, Part 2, June 1973., pp. 95-117.
Robert Hughes, The Fatal Shore: A History of the Transportation of Convicts to Australia, 1787-1868. London, Pan Books/Collins, 1988.

Gordon Jackson, The British Whaling Trade. London, Adam and Charles Black, 1978.

A. G. E. Jones, Ships employed in the South Seas Trade, 1775-1861 [Parts 1 and 2]: plus A Registrar General of Shipping and Seamen, transcripts of Registers of Shipping, 1787-1862 [Part 3] Canberra, Roebuck, 1986.

Jürgensen, Jørgen, Jorgen Jorgenson’s observations on Pacific trade and sealing and whaling in Australian and New Zealand waters before 1805, Wellington [N.Z.] : Paremata Press, 1996.

Murray C. Kemp, and Therese B. Kemp, ‘Capt. Anthony Fenn Kemp’, Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society, Vol. 51, Part 1, March 1965., pp. 10-22.

R. J. B. Knight and Alan Frost, (Eds.), The Journal of Daniel Paine, 1794-1797. Sydney, Library of Australian History, 1982.

Kostoglou, Parry, Whaling and sealing sites in South Australia / Parry Kostoglou and Justin McCarthy ; compiled by Jeni Paay. Adelaide : State Heritage Branch, Dept. of Environment and Planning, 1991.

R. Langdon, (Ed.), American Whalers and Traders in the Pacific: A Guide to Records on Microfilm. Canberra, Pacific Manuscripts Bureau, Research School of Pacific Studies, Australian National University, 1978.

Barbara Little, ‘The sealing and whaling industry in Australia before 1850’, Australian Economic History Review, Vol. 9, No. 2, 1969., pp. 109-127.

MacKenzie, Jean MacDonald, Sealing, sailing and settling in South-western Victoria, Kilmore, Victoria : Lowden, 1976.

Mawer, G. A., Ahab’s trade : the saga of south seas whaling, St. Leonards, N.S.W. : Allen & Unwin, 1999.
M. P. Mayo, The Life and Letters of Colonel William Light. Adelaide, F. W. Preece, 1937.

McNab, Robert, Murihiku and the Southern Islands; a history of the West Coast Sounds, Foveaux Strait, Stewart Island, the Snares, Bounty, Antipodes, Auckland, Campbell and Macquarie Islands from 1770 to 1829. Invercargill, William Smith Printer, 1907. [Auckland, Wilson & Horton, 1970]

James McClelland, Convict Pioneer and Immigrant History of Australia: Names of Convict and Immigrant Ships Arriving Australia: 1788-1899. ISBN 0 908492 19 7. James McClelland Research, 1 Silverdale Road, Silverdale NSW 2750, 1983.

W. F. Minchinton, (Ed.), Politics and the Port of Bristol in the Eighteenth Century: Petitions of the Society of Merchant Venturers, 1698-1803. Bristol, Printed for the Bristol Record Society, 1963.

R. H. Montague, ‘The Men of the New South Wales Corps: a comparison?’, Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society, Vol. 62, Part 4, March 1977., pp. 217-233.

Kenneth Morgan, Bristol and the Atlantic Trade in the Eighteenth Century, Cambridge University Press, 1993

Murray, Peter,  The vagabond fleet : a chronicle of the North Pacific sealing schooner trade, Victoria, B.C., Canada : Sono Nis Press, c1988.

Mary Nicholls, (Ed.), Diary of the Rev. Robert Knopwood, 1803-1838. Sandy Bay, Tasmania,  Tasmanian Historical Research Association, 1977.

Ian Nicholson and Graeme Broxam, Shipping Arrivals and Departures: Sydney, 1841-44. Canberra, Roebuck, 1988.

Ian Nicholson, Gazetteer of Sydney Shipping, 1788-1840. Canberra, Roebuck, 1981.

Leslie Norman, Sea Wolves and Bandits – Sealing Whaling Smuggling and Piracy – Wild Men of Van Diemens Land – Bushrangers and Bandits – Wrecks and Wreckers, J. Walch & Sons Pty. Ltd. Hobart Tasmania Australia (1945) 1980

J. Oppenheimer, `Captain William Richards’, Chapter 5 in G. Connah, M. Rowland, J. Oppenheimer, Captain Richards’ House at Winterbourne: A Study in Historical Archaeology. Armidale, Australia. Dept. Of Prehistory & Archaeology, University Of New England. 1978.

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Ronald Parsons, Southern Passages: A Maritime History of South Australia. Adelaide, South Australia, Wakefield Press, 1986.

Michael Pearson, ‘Shore-based whaling at Two Fold Bay: one hundred years of enterprise’,  Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society, Vol. 71, Part 1, June 1985., pp. 3-27.

Péron, François,  King Island and the sealing trade, 1802 : a translation of chapters XXII and XXIII of the narrative by François Péron published in the official account of the Voyage of discovery to the southern lands undertaken in the corvettes Le Géographe, Le Naturaliste and the schooner Casuarina, during the years 1800 to 1804, under the command of Captain Nicolas Baudin / by Helen Mary Micco,  [Canberra] ; [Roebuck Society], [1971]

Roy Porter, `”Under the Influence,” Mesmerism in England’, History Today, Vol. 35, Oct. 1985., pp. 22ff.

Malcolm D. Prentis, The Scots In Australia: A Study of New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, 1788-1900. Sydney, Sydney University Press, 1983.

John Ritchie, ‘John Thomas Bigge and his reports on New South Wales’, Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society, Vol. 60, Part 1, March 1974., pp. 12-27.

John Ritchie, Punishment and Profit: The Reports of Commissioner John Bigge on the Colonies of New South Wales and Van Diemen’s Land, 1822-1823: their origins, nature and significance. Melbourne, Heinemann, 1970.

Robinson, Portia, The Hatch and Brood of Time: A Study of the First Generation of Native-Born White Australians, 1788-1828. Vol. 1. Melbourne, Melbourne University Press, 1985.

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Michael Roe, Philip Gidley King. Melbourne, Oxford University Press, 1963.

Michael Roe, `Charles Bishop, Pioneer of Pacific Commerce’, Tasmanian Historical Research Association, Papers and Proceedings, Vol. 10, No. 1, July 1962., pp. 6-15.

Michael Roe, ‘Australia’s place in the “swing to the East”, 1788-1810’, Australian Historical Studies, Vol. 8, 1958., pp. 202-213.

Michael Roe, Quest for Authority in Eastern Australia, 1835-1851. Melbourne, Melbourne University Press, 1965.

Ross, John O’C.,William Stewart, sealing captain, trader and speculator, Aranda, A.C.T. : Roebuck, 1987.

Rowland, C,  ‘Simeon Lord, a merchant prince of Botany Bay’, Journal and Proceedings of the Royal Australian Historical Society, Vol. 30, 1944., pp. 157-195.

R. J. Ryan, The Second Fleet Convicts. Sydney, Australian Document Library, 1982.

R. J. Ryan, The Third Fleet Convicts. Melbourne, Horowitz Grahame, 1983.

Savill, Vanda, Tha’ she blows! : old ships, old salts & old days of sealing & whaling … [Heywood, Vic,] : V. Savill, 1980.

Eduoard A. Stackpole, Whales and Destiny: The Rivalry between America, France and Britain for Control of the Southern Whale Fishery, 1785-1825. University of Massachusetts Press, 1972.

Pamela Statham and Rica Erickson (eds) A Life on the Ocean Wave: The Journals of Captain George Bayly 1824-1844
Miegunyah, Carlton, Vic. : Melbourne University Press, 1998

Margaret Steven, Trade, Tactics and Territory: Britain in the Pacific, 1783-1823. Carlton, Victoria, Melbourne University Press, 1983.

Margaret Steven, ‘The Changing Pattern of Commerce in New South Wales, 1810-1821’, Business Archives and History, Vol. 3, August 1963., pp. 139-155.

Margaret Steven, ‘Robert Campbell: His Scottish Background’, Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society, Vol. 46, Part 3, 1960., pp. 172-180.

Margaret Steven, ‘Enterprise’, pp. 119-135 in G. J. Abbott, and N. B. Nairn, (Eds.), Economic Growth of Australia, 1788-1821. Melbourne, Melbourne University Press, 1969.

Margaret Steven, Merchant Campbell, 1769-1846. Melbourne, Oxford University Press, 1965.

Jean Sutton, Lords of the East: The East India Company and its Ships. London, Conway Maritime Press, 1981.

Townrow, Karen, An archaeological survey of sealing and whaling sites in Victoria, Melbourne : Heritage Council Victoria, c1997.

Simon Ville, ‘The deployment of English merchant shipping: Michael and Joseph Henley of  Wapping, ship owners, 1775-1830’, Journal of Transport History, Vol. 5, No. 2, September 1984., pp. 16-33.

Nigel Wace and Bessie Lovett, Yankee Maritime Activities and the Early History of Australia. Canberra, Australian National University Research School of Pacific Studies. nd. Aid to Research Series, No. A/2. Ship Lists, 1788-1850., pp. 39-110.

John West, The History of Tasmania: with copious information respecting the colonies of New South Wales Victoria South Australia &c. (Re-edited by A. G. L. Shaw). Sydney, Angus and Robertson, 1971.

Wiltshire, J. G. Captain William Pelham Dutton, first settler at Portland Bay, Victoria : a history of the whaling and sealing industries in Bass Strait, 1828 – 1868,  [Portland, Vic.] : Wiltshire Publications, 1994.

George Wycherley, Buccaneers of the Pacific: of the bold English buccaneers, pirate privateers & gentleman adventurers, who sailed in peril through the stormy straits or pierced the isthmus jungle, to vex the king of Spain in the South Seas & the Western Pacific, plundering his cities & coasts & preying on his silver fleets & his golden galleons. London, John Long, 1929. (Found in the Bateson collection of maritime history in the library of  the Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney.)


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