Posted by: Tasmaniana | January 15, 2010

Biographies and bibliography of the people of Bass Strait, Tasmanian waters to 1850

This site is an ongoing archive-in-progress providing a bibliography of source material and biographies of people who lived on or visited the Bass Strait Islands from the 1790s to the 1850s.

The particular focus of the site is  Aboriginal people and those engaged in the sealing trade to the late 1820s. The spelling for people and place names is as found in the referenced accounts.

This project began thanks to the  support of a Creative Fellowship undertaken in 2007 at the State Library of Victoria, Australia.  The project  led to the creation of 350 files/820 mb of research that now needs to be organised and added to this site.

Please post any relevant information that can be added to this site via the comments box [much appreciated].



  1. Hello there, this is a wonderful resource. I have some information about some of the sealers and women from Tasmania who came to King George’s Sound (W.A.) in 1826. I’ll check in again, to make sure this site is still being worked. Sarah

  2. hi Sarah
    Thanks! I am pretty sure we met, or at least emailed some years ago about this same subject. Any info you can provide for upload here would be great. All the best, Julie in Hobart

  3. looking for info on stalker 1860 to 1895

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